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Upgrade 2 Cloud is an IT projects and Managed Service Provider. In the cloud.  But, with local presence.

We support clients around the world – from Michelin restaurants to Global Engineering companies.

We work with business owners and their teams to solve specific problems, or harness new opportunities, using cloud-based technology.

A typical project lasts 2-8 weeks. Our ongoing managed services plans range fromPay As You Go to All You Can Eat!

There are a number of compelling reasons to move your business into the cloud! We’ve put them HERE.

There are a number of compelling reasons to use us! We’ve put them HERE.

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

What's 'real managed services'?

Our proactive managed service: it anticipates technical issues and fixes problems before you're even aware of them. Essentially, you're allowing experts to optimise, secure, and manage your IT & communications infrastructure / applications, in the cloud. The environment becomes more resilient, accessible, and controllable. It's also considerably cheaper to run. Your business now has less disruption from technology and so lower downtime. Profitability increases, and related budgets are predictable. You'll spend less, and lose less. Your office is now wherever there is a viable Internet connection – and that's where we'll be too.

Why can't we do this ourselves?

You probably don't have the technology expertise you want when you need it, and you can't afford a drain on internal resources.

Why should we use U2C?

Cloud-based IT services are around 80% cheaper than on premise. No-one else actually gives you these savings! We do! Why? We don't have an expensive brand, offices, or expenses to maintain. We give you both the dream of cloud, and all the inherent savings. If you don't believe us, compare our prices!

What's your track record?

We've a long experience doing this: from the very beginning in the early 1990s. Our clients are from Premiership Football, global engineering firms, to Michelin restaurants.

Who's it for?

We focus on the SME and small corporate sectors – because we know these two areas are underserved and overcharged. However, we can help any organisation with an IT system, or any that needs one.

When should we engage with U2C?

We're normally engaged during a crisis! Usually because there's a problem that others can't help with, or it's simply not financially feasible to fix. Has the sh*t hit the fan, yet? Or, are you sick to death of being overcharged? We can show you how and where you're being cheated, right now. Why not ask us what we would charge for what you're getting now? Additionally, we'll check your business is getting what it needs, and show you where the holes are.

How Do We Get Started?

1) We'll start with a consultation: : open conversations, with all stakeholders, to establish: (i) current business snapshot, and business goals; (ii) how IT currently serves the business, and it's teams; (iii) known issues and constraints (from both technical origins, and staff perspectives). 2. Then, we'll monitor and analyse your IT world with our toolsets. This will give us insight into unknown issues (potentially disastrous!), and confirm the issues and constrains learned from our consultations. 3. We'll report back with our findings, then agree on a plan to: 4. Stabilise the environment, so that it supports the business now. 5. Improve the environment, so that it suits the business moving forward. 6. Support, maintain, and continually improve the new cloud environment, so that future, potential issues and conflicts are identified and resolved before they materialise. Through this approach of continuous improvement, your costs are driven down, and your performance and profitability increase. Unlike the rest, we'll fix your problems, not 'milk them.' And we'll continually drive down our price. What are you waiting for?